R.I.P. // K.C. White
K.C. White started singing in the choir at Kingston College during the mid '60s and was later inspired by singers like Bob Marley, Ken Boothe, Delana Stewart of the Gaylads, Alton Ellis and John Holt of the Paragons.
He made his first recording for Dynamic Sounds in the early '70s - a Gregory Isaacs composition called "Man No Dead". The first glimpse at stardom came with the follow-up, "No No No", an early combination with the great Big Youth, as featured on the "Screaming Target" album. However it was the release of "Anywhere but Nowhere" that he became a household name - the song took Jamaica and Europe by storm, assuming classic status and copies of the original release, on the Soul Proff label, and valued highly amongst collectors.
KC continued recording with some success - "The First Cut is the Deepest" and "I'm just a Lonely Man" - before immigrating to the U.S.A. Whilst in New York, he enjoyed further hits with "We need more Love", "Sellasie I", "Can't Go On" and "Keep on Loving You", and often appeared on stage at concerts featuring U.S. acts such as GQ, The Main Ingredient and The Temptations along with every top reggae acts out of Jamaica appearing in New York. KC was the top New York artiste booked on those shows.
After several years working and studying to develop his skills and craft as a producer and singer, he returned to the studios armed with a lot of experience earned throughout the years, to put together a number of master albums, including some of his own, produced exclusively by him for everyone to enjoy. 
KC also informs us that this reggae business comes with a lot obstacles in his way. For example not knowing the fundamental part of the business, like an artist publishing rights etc. Dealing with crooked recording companies who try to steal the property of producers and artists, especially in Europe. He said he is a living example of such acts of companies stealing royalties from both him and his artists and their rights.
Companies asking you to sign contracts with the fine print words like "Perpetuate" which means "for life". He said "how can someone sign a contract for life and not been honored by a life time cash flow?". KC went on to say 'he has learnt the hard way and now knows everything about the business aspect of this industry. (Anyone now in the business who needs some advice can write to us at
In the late '90s, KC and Peter Jonker of Zola & Zola Music of The Netherlands, joined together to produce some exclusive reggae music of which several veteran artists were recorded, artists such as Tony Tuff, Edi Fitzroy, General Trees, George Faith, Dennis Walks and many more. Things started out fine but got out of control because one side wanted to have full control of everything. KC say “there was lack of full communication. Although Jonker and himself haven't spoken in years, he is still apart of the project.” KC said ‘he haven't made or receive any money from some parts of the project that was release, but with his new website, hopefully, money will be made so every artist on this roster will eat food.’
All of this meltdown was due to circumstances beyond his control, hence he was unable to fulfill obligations he had set out to. 
KC White went on to say "[he is] focus and will get it right this time and apologize to all the artist who had believed in him, to uplift their careers. Seven time rise and seven time fall and he his back to take it all."
Last he said: "Nuff respect to all who stood by me throughout my musical career, people such as George Kong, Pancho Hines, Skankca (the DJ), Alvasio Scott and Donald Irving White. Big up to everyone who want to hear real reggae music, check out and take your pick." 
In later years, KC White restored that which he had promised with the creation of HighGradeMusic Studio in 2013; he then went on to release newer projects for himself such as: “HighGradeMusic Foundation Music Vol. 1,” “What a World,” “Lover’s Triangle,” “Weird People,” Sentimental Reason,” “Money,” and “Hope this day is Good.” Throughout the midst of this journey and in KC’s latter days he also collaborated and reproduced some of reggae’s veteran top acts introducing the likes of La Lumba, Duane Stephenson, Leroy Sibbles, Courtney Vibes, Wayne Wade, Junior Cat and Tinga Stewart.
In the autumn of 2019, K.C. White transcended to the other side with brief notice, leaving in charge his appointed delegates to operate and endorse the long-levity of our @CarMorMusic and @KCWhiteMusic legacy. 
Stay tune for the distribution of K.C. White’s unreleased works and the launch of our annual commemorative @KCWhiteMusic x @ajnAMars@CarMorMusicFestival!